What is a Builder? (Read First!)

What is a Builder?

A builder is a player who stands out from the rest with their personal conduct, dedication to the server, and their contributions through building to the community of Brave Network. It is an honorary rank awarded to individuals who have distinguished themselves in this manner and cannot be bought. Because this is a free rank given out as an award only a few individuals will be chosen each month. Do not be discouraged if you do not succeed on your first, second, or third attempt, fortune favors the diligent!

What are the Benefits of being a Builder?
  • Ability to create bridges/gates/lifts
  • Fly permission. Command: /fly
  • Exclusive in game tag [Builder]
  • Exclusive Builder tag on the forums
  • Exclusive Commands
    • /getpos
    • /depth
    • /top
  • Exclusive Worldedit Tools (Use //wand to spawn your wand)
    • //size
    • //distr
    • //count
  • Request protection (See below)
What Server/Forum Rules apply to Builders?
All of the same server/forum rules apply to builders, there are no exceptions

How do I Apply for Builder?

Interested applicants must have created builds in Brave Network, and the builder applicant must follow the approved application format that is detailed in the builder thread. Any build used in a players application must have been built on the Brave Network Minecraft server.

Suggestions before applying:
  • The build you apply with should be a project that required time and consideration to complete. Do not apply with something you made in an hour. Instead apply with a building that required multiple hours if not several days or weeks to complete.
  • Builder applicants should try to create something original that no one has done before. Do not for example make a pagoda that we can find the tutorial for on Youtube, make the build your own!
  • Apply only with builds that are finished. We will not consider in progress works.
  • The build must be built on the Brave Network for it to be considered. No single player or other server builds allowed. A warp will be required.
  • Take screenshot images of your build to include in the application, multiple angles are recommended.
  • Create a warp of your creation (Ask to any Staff to set a warp for you) (Requirement to apply).
Steps to apply for Builder:
  1. You must be registered in our community so that you can post in the forums
  2. After registering and confirming your account go to the Builder Applications forum category
  3. Create a new post using the format provides in the mandatory application format guide
  4. Wait to hear back from Staff on the results!
How do I request protection?

Builds for Builder Applications require players to think big, and build big! Initially you will protect your builds with the protection blocks available to you. When/if your build outgrows those parameters flag down a staff member and inform them of the situation; that you are working on a [Builder] application and require additional protection for your build. You can also reach out to staff on the server forums to get your application protected.

Some Possible Questions and their Answers

Q= When will my application be reviewed?
A= Builder Applications are reviewed at the end of each month.

Q= Can I apply for Builder in collaboration with another player?
A= Yes, you can make a Builder Application with another player. Be aware however that builds submitted by multiple parties will be judged more

Q= My application was rejected, can I still apply again?
A= Yes, you can apply again. You are allowed to apply with a weekly application.

Q= Why was my Builder Application rejected?
A= There can be many reasons. Normally, the Staff who rejected your Builder Application will be leaving a message in how can you improve it.

Q= Can I transfer my Builder rank to another player?
A= No, your Builder rank is personal rank given your for creative talent and can neither be given, sold, or traded for other benefits.

Q= How can I get the resources to build my creation?
A= Brave Network is a Survival server, so players will need gather their own resources.

Q= How can I know if my Builder Application was accepted?
A= You will get an answer in your Builder Application telling that your application was accepted by one of the staff members.

Q= My Builder Application was rejected, accepted, or is pending, why?
A= Builder Application status glossary:

Approved: Your Builder application was accepted!
Rejected: Your Builder Application was rejected (we always give a reason).

If the application is pending than it is still being considered. Please be patient and wait for one of the above responses.
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